Whether you’re a startup or an established company, today’s competitive online marketplace demands a unique voice in design and marketing. As a trusted advisor, I enjoy collaborating with brands to make design and strategies that are usable, enjoyable and memorable. I prioritize a research-based approach to ensure each project is appropriately targeted to each client’s larger brand strategy.

Web Design

Writing and editing content, overall design layout, and reviving exisitng sites.

Market Research

Analysis and data gathering to help your company market its products or services appropriately.

Brand Identity

Everything from brand name, logo, tone, taglines, typeface, and shapes that create appeal.


Increase sales, bring in new customers, establish your brand and improve customer loyalty.

Social Media

Creation and management of presence, campaigns, promotions, and progress monitoring.

project/art direction

Strategic thinking, problem solving, skills in managing people, projects and resources, and leadership.

Brand is what • Design is how • Strategy is why



 Sony Pictures Television & Hulu - Shut Eye

Shut Eye is an American drama television series, airing on the streaming service Hulu. The series centers around the life of failed magician Charlie Haverford (Jeffrey Donovan), who now works as a psychic and suddenly starts to have real visions. I worked with both Sony Pictures Televison and Hulu to create one of a kind tarot cards for the show.




Polaroid - Made in Polaroid 50|50|50

Lady Gaga was appointed as Creative Director for Polaroid in 2011. Her first product was the GL10 portable photo printer. To promote the new product, 50 artists/designers were commissioned and given the GL10 and asked to create something with it. Contributions were displayed and auctioned in NYC, with proceeds benefitting Free Arts NYC, a non-profit that provides arts and mentoring programs to under-served children.

Sony Pictures Television

The Blacklist is an American crime thriller television series that on NBC and produced my Sony Pictures Television. I worked with both the PR & Marketing Teams at Sony to create extremely limited edition promotional wine and a backstory to tie into the shows main character; Raymond "Red" Reddington.


AlignMed is a functional apparel company based in Southern California producing clothing that works with your body to relieve pain, correct posture, and increase performance, endurance and recovery.

Serving as Vice President of Marketing, work for AlignMed included complete art direction and rebranding including logo design, web design, e-commerce overhaul, product packaging, and social media management.


Recess Clothing Company

Recess Clothing Company is a California based active apparel start-up. Scope of work included acting as Chief Marketing Officer and responsibility for company creative direction including; branding, logo creation, web design, e-commerce set-up, product design, catalog creation, marketing strategies, and social media management.


Dr Soothe

Dr. Soothe is an Arizona based company and manufacturer of the BackRelieve, a thermal therapy system providing pain relief for the neck, shoulders, spine and lower back. Work included web design, social media management and marketing strategies.



Sonoran Desert Institute is an internationally recognized school offering multiple programs, including one of the only Associate of Science in Firearms Technology degrees in the country, some of the nation’s best Gunsmithing Certificate programs, and diverse armorer programs. In one of my most challenging projects I was fortunate enough to illustrate their entire text book on the M4/AR15 platform.


Hiking & Hangovers

Still in its infancy, Hiking and Hangovers is a personal side project. An informational blog site covering two awesome activities and the best places and ways to ‘participate’.



HealthSMART Coffee is a Nevada based company boasting the healthiest coffee ever. HealthSMART contains more antioxidants than any cocoa, red wine, orange juice, coffee or tea, while retaining its full caffeine level. It’s USDA and Kosher Certified organic, has 12 sealed-in essential minerals, B-vitamins and dietary fiber, and 35 percent less heartburn-causing acid than any other national brand.

I offered a little consulting for rebranding including web design, logo work and marketing strategies.



A custom start-up tattoo studio out of Tustin, CA. Scope of work included web design, logo creation and custom hand painted shop windows.


Just what the title says, because why not? Everyone loves logos.


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Want to create something? I'm currently available for engagements large and small. All you have to do is enter the details of what you have in mind in the little box right over there.


Want to create something? I'm currently available for engagements large and small. All you have to do is enter the details of what you have in mind in the little box right down there.

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